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Distant Skies Application


Name: Milo
Are you 18 or over?: Yes
Other characters played: N/A


Name: Tobias (aka Tobias-Esgarrouth-Sirinial)
Canon: Animorphs
Age: 19
History: http://animorphs.wikia.com/wiki/Tobias

The wiki link contains his canon history up to the end of the series. However, his AU diverges after Rachel’s death. Overcome with grief at the death of the girl who had been his connection to the human world and blaming Jake for his decision to send her on her final suicide mission, Tobias cut ties with the remaining Animorphs, all except Aximili, who followed him into the hills where he lived. Aximili, however, wasn't going to give up on his nephew and best friend. Pursuing Tobias back to his meadow, Aximili offered his support and some degree of comfort, insisting to Tobias that he wasn't entirely alone.

Tobias found some solace in Ax's effort to reach out to him, but was unhappy with the prospect of Ax's depature, as he was being ordered back home by the Andalite government. Left alone as a hawk, Tobias was almost certain to fall into a solitary depression and live out the remainder of his short years even more alone than he had been when he joined the war effort. Feeling more alienated from people than ever by Rachel's death and his anger towards Jake, Tobias hits upon the idea of departing Earth with Aximili during the course of their discussion, not wanting to live alone and without any contact with others whatsoever. However, he is reluctant, unsure of how he would survive on an alien planet as a hawk. Ax points out that he doesn't have to, and suggests that Tobias take on the form of an Andalite. Tobias, initially skeptical of the idea, requests time to think over the plan and tells Aximili to return in a couple of days. Wrestling with his identity as a human, hawk, and strange relation to Axmili, Tobias is finally swayed to accept Ax's proposal with the thought that Rachel would almost certainly not want him to live out the short life of a hawk after the war they had fought so hard to win. Supported by this thought and heartened by Aximili's insistence that he sees Tobias not just as his shorm, but as family, Tobias accepts the idea.

Instead of retreating further into his hawk-self and fleeing into the solitude of the California hills, Tobias decides to perform the Frolis maneuver, a special type of morphing that combines the DNA of several acquired subjects, and morphs into an Andalite permanently. Thus, he becomes a nothlit for a second time before leaving Earth with Aximili to live on the Andalite homeworld, leaving behind a world in which he has little interest and few ties in order to remain with his close friend and technical uncle, Aximili. Tobias abandoned his human familial name and instead took on the name Tobias-Esgarrouth-Sirinial to honor his father’s family and his connection with Aximili.

The Andalite government, with the insistence of War-Prince Axmili- provided him with a scoop (the Andalite term for their typically single family homes) and land and offered him a position teaching human culture and customs to arisths (Andalite officer-cadets), students, and others who might need to liasion with humanity. Having accepted that post, he now spends most of his time in research, preparing lesson plans, taking classes to further his own education and otherwise in and around his scoop.

Point in canon: AU, post series.
Window Location: Small valley half a mile from his scoop.
Universe: Tobias’ universe is an AU of that contained within the Animorphs series of young adult novels, which has a decent overview here.

His AU diverges at the end of the series. Instead of retreating from the world by simply hiding away in the hills of California as a Red-tailed Hawk, Tobias instead, after discussion with Aximili, performs the Frolis maneuver, a type of morphing that involves merging several different creatures’ DNA. He acquires several Andalite volunteers, including Aximili and morphs into an Andalite permanently, becoming a nothlit for the second time.

Abilities: As an Andalite, Tobias has lost his flight and keen eyesight, but has gained a robust speed that allows him to dash across the landscape extremely quickly. Additionally, his two stalk eyes allow him effective three hundred-sixty degree vision. He also possesses a razor-sharp tail-blade, which allows him to strike at enemies with exceedingly quick speed. He also 'speaks' via a form of telepathy called thought-speech that can be directed specifically at one person or to a group. He has no other psychic powers.

Possessions: A datapad containing his next lesson plan.

Personality: Tobias is a quiet guy. He tends to remain in the background. In fact, it’s easy to forget that he’s even there, he’s so unobtrusive. Tobias generally prefers things this way, since it meant that when he was a human he got less attention from the types of people that beat up on him or dunked his head in the school toilets. And as a hawk, it made it that much easier to spy on the Yeerks and hunt.

He was arguably much happier as a hawk than as a human and now as an Andalite, and his friends even speculated that he allowed himself to become a nothlit (a person trapped in their morph) on purpose in order to escape his life of being constantly bullied and picked on and alternately shuttled between an aunt and uncle who don’t care for him. He has now escaped Earth entirely, taking the form of his only remaining family’s species. This is, of course, that of an Andalite, like his uncle and closest friend, Aximili. Despite his rought life, Tobias has a healthy sense of humor. He tends towards a quiet sort of sarcasm, and seems to be able to keep up with Marco’s jibes throughout the books.

Despite his proclivity towards hanging back and remaining unobserved, he is no coward and will throw himself into the battles alongside the other Animorphs without hesitation. He has a stubborn streak, and even stands up to the Ellimist. Not easy to do with a being who can control time and space. He even volunteers to be captured by the Yeerks in order to trick them into thinking they’re anti-morphing device doesn’t work properly, and undergoes brutal torture at the hands of a Controller.

This, of course, has its own effects. Thanks to being trapped in his morph and the torture he underwent, Tobias is not really a human anymore, both mentally and physically. He disliked taking his human form, unable to fly and, to him, almost blind and deaf. Being an Andalite is marginally better, and as time has passed he has grown steadily used to his new form. He thinks more like a bird than a human being in some ways and is still dealing with not being able to fly any longer, which manifests in a distaste for enclosed spaces and not being able to see the sky. In the course of his torture, he retreated into the raptor mind in order to block out the pain, causing Tobias to become further mingled mentally with his hawk instincts. This is something he occasionally struggles with now that he has become a member of a herbivorous species, despite his new Andalite instincts. He finds himself attracted to the movement of small rodents and other similar creatures and often awakes from deep sleep with the rapidly fading feeling of having just been in flight.

Tobias’ loner tendencies were reinforced as a hawk, which are not overly social animals, and he enjoys spending his time alone, formerly simply riding thermals and enjoying the freedom the sky offers him and now running across the open land that surrounds his scoop. Tobias' new found mobility, the ability to simply take to the sky and escape whatever earthly problems might be bothering him, was a godsend. He could forget about his aunt and uncle who cared little for him and focus on the simple joy of having the whole world stretched out beneath him. While trapped as a hawk, Tobias also found himself confronted with mortality and the reality of the natural order of the world. At first, Tobias was repulsed by having to kill in order to eat and existed as a scavenger, eating roadkill and other offal before eventually beginning to hunt and eat small game. He has a cooler attitude towards death and views it, at least in nature, as a necessary thing. He had to kill to eat, after all. As he spends more time in his hawk body, he grows awkward and displeased when he has to take on human form again, missing the freedom of flight and the keener senses of the hawk. Additionally, he once even forgets about having to make human facial expressions and when in his human body, and even as an Andalite, has a tendency to stare disconcertingly at others and the area around himself.

His sense of alienation from Earth and human beings is quite acute, starting even when he was still a human. Picked on constantly and shuttled between relatives who didn't particularly care about him, he lacked any close friends until the Animorphs, and even then only fell in with them by chance. Once trapped as a hawk, his continued merge with the hawk-mind and the occasional subversion of his human mind beneath his hawk instincts only furthered his sense of distance from other people. At one point, he is rather disturbed to find himself attracted to a female hawk, though he shakes the feeling off.

His relationship with Rachel anchored him somewhat, giving him something to hold onto and to bring him back to other people, even as he drew further and further away from the rest of humanity. Her death was a massive emotional blow from which Tobias still hasn't recovered completely, his only visits to Earth being for the purpose of visits to Rachel's grave and memorial. His only solid connection to humans and humanity gone, he cut himself off from the other Animorphs. Tobias blames Jake for Rachel's death and still harbors anger against Jake for knowingly ordering her to her death and unless circumstances change, it is unlikely he will ever forgive his former leader. He finds himself unable to reconnect with his birth mother, Loren. While he is happy to find that she is alive, he feels uncomfortable around her and does not feel that he can call her 'mom' as she has been absent from his entire life and is essentially a stranger to him. He does care for her in some sense, but feels that he lacks the ability to form a close relationship with her and keeps himself at a distance. Only Aximili's insistence that Tobias wasn't alone and that Ax would help support him convinced him to take on a new form rather than simply fleeing into the wilds of California.

His transition to Andalite hasn’t been simple, and he still tends towards solitude,partially due to a sense of alienation from Andalite society, as he is still mentally a rather disconcerting mix of human, hawk, and now Andalite. Tobias is also still learning the social conventions of Andalite society, and typically feels awkward in larger gatherings where he doesn't know many people. As such, he prefers the quiet of his scoop to anything else and only rarely entertains any visitors besides Ax. Tobias' solitude is somewhat self-imposed as he lacks any really close friends besides Aximili. He has succeeded in making a few acquaintances at the Andalite school he works in, and is slowly growing more confident in his socializing, especially since he does command some respect as a war hero and the relation of a war hero. Unfortunately, some Andalites do look down upon him as trying to be something he's not, which fuels his self-isolation.

Tobias, despite his isolation, is a social creature and does enjoy his time with Aximili. He enjoyed the company of the other Animorphs, and had formed a bit of an attachment to Jake after his future leader had saved him from some bullies. He is a compassionate and kind person at heart who dislikes seeing other suffer. He sees himself in one of his teachers, Mr. Feyroyan, who he remembers as being one of his only friends. His passion for teaching is fueled at least in part by his desire to help others. It is also supported by Tobias' desire to be useful, even in Andalite society where most people have superior technical knowledge and skill to him. Tobias dislikes being sidelined, as seen when granted his morphing powers and the ability to return to his human body permanently (as a nothlit) by the Ellimist, he chooses to remain a hawk at least in part because he will be more useful to the war effort with the ability to morph.

He realizes, with the benefit of some hindsight, that he lives a happier, more fulfilling life with his few friends and Ax than if he had stayed on Earth to dine on mice and live alone. He enjoys his teaching work, feeling that he can help some young Andalites and is protective of his students. He reacts harshly towards anything that he perceives as bullying and uses his authority as an instructor to attempt to protect those in his classes whom he sees as more vulnerable. His main desire is to steer the young people in his charge towards happy and fulfilling lives, attempting to be the support that he never had as a child and as a young teenagers. He pours himself into his work and often spends long hours perfecting lesson plans or making himself available to offer advice, help with assignments, or just a sympathetic ear.

Thread Sample:Dear Mun post here.

Prose Sample: He had not been certain he had wanted to return to Earth. He had last seen the planet when he had departed with Ax, nearly three years ago. And now he found himself aboard an Andalite ship headed to Earth with the latest diplomatic personnel. He had, of course, been afforded a berth primarily due to his status as one of the rather famous (or infamous) Animorphs and his connection to Prince Aximili. The thought still amused him. Ax, a prince, after he had insisted on that ludicrous title for Jake. In any case, this trip was something he had both dreaded and looked forward to. He did have some visits to make, ones that he should have made ages ago. But he had convinced himself he was busy settling in his new home, learning new customs. Teaching classes. But at last, a leave of absence, time enough to visit Earth. There was a faint rumble through the frame of the ship as it began to enter the atmosphere and he reached out to steady himself against a bulkhead as a sense of nervous anticipation ran through him. Would he really do this? Could he? It seemed so strange to return to Earth more an outsider than he ever had been. But what was done was done. The ship was landing and he would have to go forward with it now, regardless of his nervous doubts and fears.

The familiar warm breeze of his old home ruffled the fur along his flank as he moved quietly amongst sculpted hills and neatly clipped grass. Now that he was here things felt even stranger. It was all familiar but at the same time it was like stepping into a home that you had lived in years ago and now had new owners. He paused on the path and peered upwards at the blue sky, remembering the feeling of soaring higher and higher, thermals beneath his wings ... but such times were gone now, only a memory. Something that couldn’t be reclaimed. Time to move on. He took a few more hesitant steps, moved off the path, and dropped slowly to his knees. One hand stretched out to touch fingers against a name carved in marble, tracing the familiar letters.

< Hi Rachel. It’s been a while. > He wasn't sure what to say after that.

< Did you miss me? > Tobias added a bit belatedly. After that, he sat in silence again, wondering what she would think of him. Think of everything.

< I know. I ran away. Really ran away. But there wasn’t any reason for me to stay. You understand that, right? > His main eyes closed for a moment and he bowed his head, fingers still pressed against the sun-warmed surface of the headstone.

< I miss you. And I hope you’re happy, wherever you are. No more war or fighting or dealing with any of the silly, stupid stuff that used to be so important. > It hurt, this one sided conversation with a girl long departed. And just once, he wished that he was human again so he could weep properly.

Plans: N/A
Notes: This is an AU character.


Name: Iolani
Sex: Female
Form: European Storm Petrel
Additional notes: N/A
Why this form: The European Storm Petrel is a solitary bird, much like Tobias in that respect. Further, they often depart on long migrations across oceans, far from land, and in fact tend to only touch at solid ground when they mate. Tobias is, at heart, a very lonely, very solitary person who lets his mind wander and tends to be a daydreamer.